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Thoughts on Stafford trade

Overall I thought this was a great trade for both teams. It gave the Lions and brighter future and I think it made the Rams super bowl contenders. If you don't know the Rams traded Jarred Goff and 2 first round picks for Mathew Stafford. 2 first rounders might have been a little to much but it seams that the Rams have something against first round picks. The last time the Rams drafted someone in the first round was actually Jarred Goff. They gave up first round picks to trade up and draft Goff, traded first round picks for Jalen Ramsey, and now traded first round picks to get Stafford. So it seams like this organization doesn't value first rounders as much as the rest of the NFL. To me this shows that the Rams are going all in. They have a decent window until 2023. After 2023 a lot of key players contracts expire and guys like Stafford will fall off. I wouldn't be surprised if this team signs or trades for more veterans this offseason. Also it should be very fun to watch and see what McVay does with Stafford. Now for my thoughts on the Lions side of this. They gave up an old QB for a much younger one. and gained 2 first round picks. What's not to love. And yes Goff is probably worse than Stafford but this team is definitely not in a win now situation. If they draft right, develop rookies, and sign some people. They might be able to make a playoff run in 3 years. The future looks brighter for both of these team and I think that this is the definition of a win win trade.

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