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Super Bowl Prediction

Rule number one of betting sports never bet against Brady. Rule number two of betting sports never bet against Mahomes. So to pick a winner in this game you are going to have a break a rule. I'm going to be breaking rule number 2 and go with Tampa Bay to win the Super Bowl. The Bucs got hot at exactly the right time they have found out who they are. And everyone who watched last years Super Bowl can agree that Mahomes didn't play great in the first 3 quarters. I expect him to be a little nervous in this game to start out just like the last. Where as Brady is definitely not going to be nervous. I also expect the Bucs to be more motivated by Brady and the fact that most of them don't have a ring. The Chiefs are going to be less motivated than last year now that most of them do have a ring and it is very very hard to go back to back. It is also a very big step up from playing against Jimmy G (the literal backup of Brady) to playing Tom Brady the greatest football player of all time. Also Injuries might be a problem for the Chiefs with Sammy Watkins questionable and their starting tackle out. That is why I am picking Tampa Bay to be the first team ever to win the super bowl on their home turrf.

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