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3 people who stood out to me in the senior bowl.

Jordon Smith was definitely the person who surprised me the most. I had no clue who this man was coming into this game. Jordon Smith is an edge rusher from UAB. He is a very very fast however he has a lot of work to do in the run support game. After his performance I could see him being an early 3rd round pick. He would be a little project though he kind of reminded me of Daniel Hunter. Keith Taylor was another player who I didn't know coming into this. He is a CB from Washington with great size and speed. He did very well in man to man throughout the game although he got beat twice which where both on slant round which is something he needs to work on. The celling for Keith I think would be the 2nd round. And the last player who really stood out to me was Dez Fitzpatrick. He is a WR from Louisville with amazing size and athleticism. He definitely improved his draft stock this weekend by a lot. In collage he had a little hands problem which could concern scouts, but it has gotten better over time. I could see him being a sleeper 5 round pick on a normally year he would be higher but this year at the WR position is stacked. Also I have to mention that all the QB's in this game other than Mac Jones are awful.

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