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NFL divisional round predictions

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Game- Rams vs Packers

Prediction- Packers


I think that the Rams have the best defense in the NFL and I think that they will slow Aaron Rogers down but even with a slowed down Packers offense Goff and the Rams won't be able to keep up with the Packers. Don't sleep on this Packers defense I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams score under 15 points. Also the Packers had the bye and this game is going to be played in Green Bay. I just don't see a reason why the Rams would win this week.

Game- Ravens vs Bills

Prediction- Bills


This was the hardest game to decide by far. Honestly I could see this way going ether way. The reason I ended up choosing the Bills is because of their DB's and the connection between Diggs and Allen. The bills have one of the best and an experienced Safety duo's who I think will prevent big plays. Also they have been great in the run support this year which will be needed considering that the Ravens have the most rushing yards In the NFL. Then the Bills have a Top 3 CB Tre'davious white and at some points in the season Josh Allen and Diggs have looked unstoppable.

Game- Chiefs vs Browns

Prediction- Chiefs


I wish I could tell you that the Browns are gonna win but I just don't see it happening. I do think it will be a very high scoring game (75+ points) but the Browns won't be able to stop the Chiefs epically coming off a bye week. Now don't be surprised if the Browns end up with the lead in the 1st quarter the Chiefs will most likely be rusty because the starters haven't played in 2 weeks but the Chiefs are just to good of a team to lose this game.

Game- Bucs vs Saints

Prediction- Bucs


The Saints have gotten screwed over so many times in the playoffs my gut tells me this is their year. However I think the Bucs will win. They have the best run defense in the league so they should be able to shut down Kamara. And I don't think Brees at this age will be able to keep up with the Bucs offense. The Bucs just have to many weapons including the recent addition of playoff Brady. (The more the Saints Taysom Hill the better chance they have at winning.)

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