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NFL Conference Championship prediction

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Game- Bills vs Chiefs

Prediction- Bills

These two teams faced off in week six with the Chiefs winning by 9. A big part of the Chiefs winning that game was rookie running back Edwards-Helaire who ran for 161 yards. Josh Allen did not play well that game ether only passing for 122 yards. Overall they did not play their best football to say the least and when they do play their best I think they can beat the chiefs. Their was one thing the Bills did a great job of in this game though and that was containing Tyreek Hill. They and held him to 3 catches and 0 TD the only other time Tyreek was held to under 4 catches was when the Chiefs lost to the raiders. The chiefs also have Sammy Watkins out for this game, Mahomes coming off a possible concussion, Edwards-Helaire is questionable, and so is Bell. The Bills just played the Ravens who where the leading the NFL in rushing yards and held them to 3 points. I don't think the Chiefs will be able to run the ball which was a big part of why the chiefs won in week 6 and I think Tre'davious White will shut down Tyreek Hill. The Bills safeties can prevent big plays leaving it up to Josh Allen to win the Game. When this Bills offense is on they can put up 40 points on anyone. Buffalo has been peaking at the right time and Kansas City hasn't been playing great recently. That is why I think the Buffalo Bills will go to the super bowl.

Game- Bucs vs Packers

Prediction- Bucs

I think that the Bucs have found their rhythm and that's a running team with a good defense. The Packers don't have a lot of weapons on offense other than Aaron and Devante. Tampa also has the best run D in the NFL so I don't expect the packers to run for anything. One could argue that talent wise the Bucs have the best roster and they are just hitting their stride at the right time, Fournette looks great and I expect Brady to do Brady things. Also a big part of the packers D this year was having a shut down CB in Alexander but the problem with that is the Bucs just have to many WR for the Packers to keep up with. And that is why I think the Bucs will go to the super bowl.

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