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Grading new HC hiring's

HC Urban Meyer

Team Jacksonville Jaguars

Grade C-

This hiring is a big jump ball. Recently collage head coaches have had a lot of success in the NFL, for example guys like Kliff Kingsberry and Matt Rule. However in the past collage head coaches coming into the NFL hasn't been great. For example the best collage coach of all time Nick Saben was once a coach with the Dolphins and that went south very quickly. Personally I think the new generation of collage coaches will do great in the NFL especially Lincoln Rilly when/if he comes into the league. But Urban Meyer like the old generation will not do great. The NFL is just a different style of play which I think doesn't fit Meyer. Health is also a big issue Urban left The Ohio State because of health issues and he is 58 years old.

HC Robert Saleh

Team New York Jets

Grade A

Saleh was the defensive coordinator for the 49ers. When the San Francisco D was healthy last year it was the best defense in the league. Now the stats this year don't show how good this D was because they where bombarded with injuries. And this defense had nothing to do with Kyle Shanohan because he is an offensive mind. Also he has been to a superbowl and is young. Their is nothing not to like about this hire he should help turn this franchise around. This is the first great move the jets have made in a long time.

HC Nick Sirianni

Team Philadelphia Eagles

Grade C+

This is a strange hire to me. Sirianni was the offensive coordinator for the Colts and its not like their offense was terrible but is also wasn't great. The strength of that Colts team was definitely the defensive. Honestly I don't think this will work out and I wouldn't be suspired if this is a train wreck.

HC Brandon Staley

Team Los Angles Chargers

Grade A-

To me this is by far the most under rated hire. Staley was the Rams defensive coordinator last year and although this D did have a lot of talent like Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald it was still the best D in the league. Also the success of the D had nothing to do with the head coach Sean McVay who is an offensive minded HC. Staley should fit in pretty well this the Chargers to I think the D has a lot of talent and Herbert can carry the offensive. Great move by the chargers. I think this team will make the playoffs and once they improve the o-line they are super bowl contenders.

HC David Culley

Team Houston Texans

Grade Z ------------------

THIS IS THE WORST HIRE IN NFL HISTORY. This makes no sense to anyone. He is 65 and was the passing game coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens not the offensive coordinator the passing coordinator. Guess who had the least amount of passing yards in the NFL the Ravens and you go out and hire their passing coordinator. And it's not like this man has had success in the past ether. Their was a year where not a single chiefs WR scored a touchdown. Guess who their WR coach was DAVID CULLEY. And it's not like this man is going to be your offensive coordinator he is gonna be your HEAD CHOACH. The franchise is going south real fast and is Watson doesn't play I won't be surprised if they go 0-16.

HC Arthur Smith

Team Atlanta Falcons

Grade B

Arthur Smith was the Titans offensive coordinator and he is under 40 years old. I love the hire except for the fact that I don't think the roster is set up the way he wants to do things. Tennessee had a great ground and pound offense and I think he would have successes in a place like Minnesota with Dalvin Cook but for him to do what he wants to do which is run the ball he is gonna have to rebuild the roster. Right now the strength of that team is the WR core they don't have a good HB and the O line is not great. Also if your going to be a run first team you will need at least an average defense and to be nice the Falcons D is no where near average. I think the Falcons will struggle in the next year or two but year three they'll be good.

HC Dan Campbell

Team Detroit Lions

Grade C-

I don't hate this hire as much as other people do. Dan was and ex NFL player, was the intern head coach for the Dolphins, and for the last 4 years has been the Saints assistant head coach. In those 4 years the Saints have had a lot of success and he been learning from Sean Payton one of the best. Now his resume is not that immersive but he has a TON of energy which is a big part of why I think they hired him (if you haven't watched one of his interviews I strongly suggest you do). Overall their were way better people you could have hired but this isn't as bad as the media is saying it is.

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